Terms and Conditions

By using querilla you consent to be bound by terms and conditions. Moreover you agree that you have full legal authority to be legally bound these terms of use.

You may only access and uses services offered by querilla.com only if you accept the terms and conditions stated herein. If you do not agree with these terms then you may not use our services in any way.

Use of our Services

Services provided by querilla.com are meant for personal use only. You are therefore not permitted to use such services on behalf of another client or any other third party. You may also only enjoy such services in accordance with all the laws that apply to you. The services gotten from this company may also not be resold or be used for commercial gains.

Despite the use of the words “purchase” or “buy” all the services are licensed as opposed to being sold to our users. It is prerogative of each user to confirm the laws that govern his/her use of our services. It then follows that we shall not be liable in the event that you use our services in a manner that is deemed illegal.

Use of content

We cannot and we will not be responsible for any act of omission committed by users. The completeness and accuracy of answers is also not guaranteed. Similarly, we can’t and we won’t be held responsible for the ability of the user to provide answers or to complete a given transaction.

The content available at querilla.com is meant to serve general information purposes. It should not therefore be used as a substitute for specific professional advice or in-person evaluation. Communications between users of this service are not treated as client-professional relationships and as such, they do not enjoy privileges such as protection of confidentiality.

Copyright Protection

The content accessed through querilla.com is protected by intellectual property right laws and copyright. You may therefore not use the content accessed though our services without the owner’s consent or in a manner that violates querilla.com copyright or someone else’s copyright.

By ordering for our services, you agree that you are fully aware that querilla.com owns them. Users are therefore required content accessed through our services responsibly.

Equipment for Accessing our Services

All the users of our services are responsible for making sure that they have the necessary equipment to access them. Most importantly, they shall be responsible for paying for the costs associated with such equipments such as data charges.

Uploading Materials on querilla.com

There are a number of things that you should keep in mind while uploading materials in order to access our services as outlined below.

  • The submitted materials are not private. Once you upload materials on querilla.com other users may collect, read or use them in any other ways as they may please. We do not keep such materials as confidential.
  • All users are responsible for the materials that they submit at our company. By submitting materials at our website you agree that you have all the required rights in order to do so. Going in line with this, querilla.com shall not seek permission or consent from any third parties before using such submissions.
  • Submissions remain to be property of those who submit them. You can therefore use your submissions as you please as querilla.com does not claim ownership of such materials.
  • You forfeit your personality right by submitting materials at our website.

Services Offered by Querilla.com

We offer a wide range of academic paper services to clients across the globe and at different levels of studies. From time to time we review such services with the goal of improving them. Going in line with this, we reserve the right to discontinue/suspend all or any part of our services. We may also restrict access to certain features, add new features to some services or even set some new limits on certain services.

We may inform the users of our services about such changes but it is the prerogative of the student to keep reviewing our website from time to time. We cannot and we won’t be held responsible for the damages that might be caused by such changes of our services.

In our own discretion and without any notice we may remove any content from the services that we offer to our clients.

Price and Order Payment

The prices of our prices are as indicated in our order form. We reserve the right to review such prices and discounts without any notice. We however strive to offer our entire services at very affordable prices.

All users of our services are required to pay for them upfront. You will get the service ordered for only after clearing the amount that is due.

Delivery of the Order

We are responsible for delivering the service that you ordered for on time and in the most convenient way possible. It is however the responsibility of the client to provide the right channel for delivering his/her order.  Clients will be responsible for their own negligence such as providing a wrong email address, failing to check the spam folder and inability to access the internet.


The services provided by querilla.com must not be passed by students as their own original work. Any attempts to do will result into a cancellation of our agreement with them and denial of access to our services in the future.

All the services offered by querilla.com are for educational and research purposes only. Academic fraud or dishonesty will not be tolerated. Our services should act as a model to guide you in working on your own academic papers.

querilla.com or its affiliates shall neither be liable nor responsible for the adverse effects that using our services may cause such as: loss of scholarships, law suits, poor grades, academic probation, expulsion, failure and such like effects.

Use of our Website

By accessing our website you agree that you are using it “as is”. We therefore do not guarantee that it will fulfill your requirements or meet your expectations.

We cannot and we won’t be responsible for any damages that users may suffer as a result of us changing or modifying querilla.com

For any clarifications on our terms and conditions you should contact our support staff.

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