The Zombie autopsies

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Zombie assignment

In this essay, discuss the following:

Do zombies qualify as living creatures based on the characteristics of life? Be sure to include characteristics of life in your answer and how they relate to specific characteristic of the zombies. Do the creatures qualify as human?

How does someone catch the virus? How is the virus spread? These two factors deal with the epidemiology of the virus.

Discuss the bioethics of doing research on these creatures – do they qualify for the same right as humans would? You will need to research bioethics and the rights that humans have when it comes to medical research. What are the specific rights that affordable to humans in regards to medical research? Be sure to cite your sources when you do this research.


A zombie is a resurrected human carcass that nourishes on flesh of human. Zombies’ stories were devised from the Afro-Caribbean mystical beliefs of Voodoo (Panchin et al., 2014). These stories labeled folks as being influenced by a controlling wizard. The rambling dead came to be popular in the recent horror fiction mostly as a result of the success of the film `Night of the Living Dead` by George Romero. The current zombies are very diverse from the folklore and voodoo zombies. They follow a standard, as established in the Night of the Living Dead film. The ghosts are depicted as being mindless beasts who do not feel any agony and who have an enormous craving for hominid flesh. Their objective is to exterminate, consume or infect people.

The living corpses move in slight, uneven steps, and display signs of bodily decomposition for instance rotting flesh, discoloured eyes and vulnerable wounds. The current zombies are frequently associated with catastrophe, where sophistication could breakdown as a result of the pestilence of the walking dead. The contextual stories backing the zombie films, cinematic games etc., are tenaciously inconsistent and unclear in elucidating the origin of the zombies. Some concepts embrace radiation, contact with the airborne viruses, modified infections transmitted by different vectors. In this case, an open wound is created if a susceptible person is bitten by a zombie. The wound inflicted by the zombie contains its saliva. This zombie`s fluid combines with the blood, consequently infecting the predisposed person (Hochreiter et al., 2014).

How zombies relate to humans

Zombies are clumsy and walk as they stagger. They collide on objects, and frequently stretch their arms in front seeking for stability. They are ever hungry, even if they have just had an enormous meal. Another problem they like human flesh which is the biggest problem.


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