The Soviet Union`s Politics and Foreign Policy

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Select one area from the below list of Soviet issues. Write an analysis of the Intelligence Community’s efforts against this target during the Cold War. Make sure to include the strengths and weaknesses for both collection against and analysis of the given issue.  Keep in mind that some of these areas may be interlinked with others.

  • Economy
  • Politics and Foreign Policy
  • Science and Technology
  • Military Intentions and Capabilities

Philosophy and aims of Soviet foreign strategy

In accordance with Soviet philosophers, the rudimentary character of Soviet foreign strategy was established out in Decree of Peace of Vladimir Lenin. It established out the twofold aspect of Soviet foreign strategy, which covers both democratic internationalism and peaceable cohabitation. Democratic internationalism refers to the collective cause of the operational classes of every country in struggling to revolutionize the bourgeoisie then create communalist rules. Peaceable cohabitation, conversely, refers to actions to guarantee fairly diplomatic administration-to-administration associations with capitalist federations. Both strategies can be achieved simultaneously, peaceable cohabitation does not exclude but supposes determined hostility to imperialist violence and funding for publics protecting their radical gains or struggling with foreign coercion (Lowenthal, 2016).

The Soviet pledge in practice to democratic internationalism weakened since the establishment of the Soviet republic, though this element of philosophy had certain influence on later devising and implementation of Soviet foreign strategy. Though rational raisons d’état certainly contributed towards the current Soviet foreign strategy, the philosophy of class tussle still had some role in offering a world-outlook and some loose strategies for exploit of 1980s. The Marxist–Leninist philosophy strengthens other features of political values that craft an outlook of rivalry and struggle with other countries (Matz, 2015).

The overall foreign policy objectives in the Soviet Union became formalized in an event approved by ambassadors to the 27th Party Congress in 1986.


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