The Significance, Impact, Frequency and Solution to Domestic Violence

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Write an essay on the significance, impact and frequency of domestic violence and its solutions

Domestic violence is defined as any act of violence which would result in either the male or female partner getting physical, psychological or sexual injury or harm including threats, coercion and deprived freedom whether in private or public life caused by their partner(s).[1] However, over the years it has been studied that most of the domestic violence victims are women across the globe.[2] In most cases of domestic violence the perpetuators usually seek to dominate and control their spouses using violent means. It is important to note that, domestic violence is a criminal offense in most countries and one would be charged by law if found guilty. Many countries have put up measures and preventative mechanisms for this vice but it instead seems to grow even more. On the other hand, domestic violence has been reported to have serious impacts on the victims such as emotional and physical wellbeing [3]. Despite the fact that domestic violence directly involves two parties of the family; husband and wife, children have also being negatively influenced by it.

Domestic violence in physical terms includes any act that would physically harm one’s partner like punches, kicking, slaps, choking, stabbing, pushes, shooting and many more. While sexual violence involves rape, one is being forced to watch pornography, forcing a partner to engage in sex with friends or even the perpetrator, sexual assault via implements or enforced prostitution.

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