The Fear of Terrorism among People as an Aspect of Society’s Emotion

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Topic: Fear as a socially constructed emotion (This is broad topic) (You must choose your on topic which come under Fear as a socially constructed emotion. This is for the writer: I have not choose the topic yet because you are doing this assignment please choose your on topic of fear which will connect to fear as a socially constructed emotion. This is not an essay its a A descriptive bibliography. write a paragraph describing the subject of your essay and detailing what aspects of that subject will be your main focus.Then present each item with the full bibliographic details first and then the descriptive/explanatory sentences underneath. and All the information is in the attachment word file. Please read that carefully Note: All the sources for bibliography should be academic. In the Assingment sheet it says from library but dont worry. When you are using the academic sources please send me the information of that i will check that on the library website.

The research paper that will be researched on will be examining the relationship of terrorism of fear and its connection to the society.  Terrorism is a fearful violence that brings fear among people because every time one is afraid of something bad happening around them. When a society is involved in a high rate of terror attacks, people live in fear of being attacked any time. Terrorism is a major factor to consider in the society that brings fear as part of peoples’ emotions. In the thesis, will be looking at how terrorism in the society contributes to fear as a socially constructed emotion. This is the major issue that will be looked at throughout the research paper. Also, the research paper will look at how terrorism attacks have threatened peoples’ lives. It is true that fear is mostly facilitated by the environmental factors around the society such as bombings and war. Danger and risk of terrorism will be discussed in the research paper as they are significant features of everyone’s life in the society. The most focus of the thesis will be examining the role of terrorism in contributing to fear among people all over the world. Why do people fear terrorism and what effects does it cause in the society if it happens to occur at a particular time.

Ahmed S., 2004. The Affective Politics of Fear’ in the Cultural Politics of Emotion, Edinburgh: Edinburgh University Press

In this article, Sara Ahmed focuses on emotion as it is experienced by humans in different societies. She also looks at how emotions are lived by people and how they are viewed in the acts of speech. The article argues on how the emotion is influenced by political differences among countries that would lead to terrorism and war.


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