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Teaching in the 21st Century Primary School Education

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Need to write a critical reflection essay based on past 2 week key concepts and theories, I have organized each week key concepts below into 2 sections. All concepts are based on teaching in the 21st century primary school education. section 1 How changes to education need to focus on the role of learner and teacher in supporting the development of every learner’s potential.•How has education changed? •Why should we focus more on the learner? •What does the teacher need to do? and briefly discuss The Reggio Emilia approach. section 2 take a look at how the curriculum is designed to create knowledge rather than acquiring it through a content transmission approach. You will begin to build a deep understanding of what curriculum is and how it is used in early childhood and primary education settings •What is the curriculum and who dictates it? •Why is it continually changing? •Should it be continually changing? •what is meant by deep knowledge •what is meant by the hidden and crowded curriculum

Section 1

As the quality of education advances, so does the purpose of the student and the teacher. In 2007, Professor Richard Elmore of Harvard University wrote that teaching as a profession is experiencing dramatic changes, where there has been the introduction of collaborative practices of learning to help cope with the challenging problems that students face while learning (E-Learner Network, 2011). However, this is as opposed to the isolated work in self-contained learning. The changes in technology have increased the learners’ engagement, motivation, achievement, and advanced ways of collaborative working.

The 21st century technology has changed education where it can be matched by new ideas that reflect the best approaches of teaching (Bolstad et al., 2012). It is important to focus more on the learner because one needs to understand how each learner learns and the competencies they are supposed to develop as opposed to just the content taught. According to ACARA, in focusing on the learner, they are able to develop a set of general abilities or skills, behaviors, and dispositions that will equip to operate with confidence in a complex globalized world (2014).


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