Teaching in Australian Schools

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Assessment overviewThis essay focuses on the implementation of the National Professional Standards for Teachers in Australia. You will compare the expectations at the graduate and lead level, and consider how this impacts on the Graduate stages of the profession. Assessment detailsEssay title: Compare and contrast one of the National Professional Standards for Teachers, between a graduate and lead teacher. Discuss how you might demonstrate achievement of each of the focus areas for this standard as a graduate teacher.•Provide a brief overview of one standard from the National Professional Standards for Teachers•Compare and contrast the expectations between a graduate and lead teacher, within that standard•Discuss how you might go about demonstrating to a professional panel, that you’ve achieved this standard, at the graduate level•Use a variety of resources and references to support your discussion and analysis..Assessment criteriaTo receive maximum marks for the essay you must demonstrate clarity and understanding of the topic and offer interpretation of the issues and implications together with a very high level of scholarship. Presentation, format and structure must be of a professional standard.1. Give an accurate overview of one standard from the National Professional Standards for Teachers.2. Compare and contrast the differences between graduate and lead teachers in the Australian teaching profession, in relation to the selected standard.3. Analyse the focus areas from a specific standard and discuss how these focus areas inform the teaching practice of a graduate teacher. 4. Give examples of how a graduate would address all of the focus areas within the standard chosen.5. Adhere to submission requirements6. Format and Structure•Spelling, grammar and expression•Professional presentation of essay•Format of essay with introduction, conclusion main body and paragraphs. 7. Depth and Relevance of Research Rigor of supporting references & adherence to APA Guidelines•Reference list provided NOT a Bibliography •Rigour of supporting references (quality and depth of research) throughout the paper, including correct use of APA system for referencing

The national professional standards for teachers in Australia are public statements of what institutes teacher quality teaching standards. The professional standards describe what constitutes to be quality work for teachers, and make explicit the features of high quality, and effective teaching methods of this century, which will enhance the educational outcomes for students. The national professional standards for teacher do this by providing a framework that provides a clear practice, knowledge, and professional engagement required for teachers throughout their profession. The standard stated in the professional standards inform the development of national learning goals, and give a framework through which educators can judge the success of teaching and learning by facilitating self-assessment, and self-reflection. Teachers can use guidelines stipulated in the national professional standards to acknowledge the present teaching abilities. The national professional standards help to foster professionalism, and increase the status of the profession. This article will examine the expectation of a graduate and a lead teacher. This article will compare the expectation of graduate and lead teachers in regard to national professional standards for teachers’ number four. The standard number four sets standards for creating and maintain supportive and safe learning environments.

Creating safe and supportive learning environments is fundamental in order to optimise students’ performance, and learning potential. This standard facilitates the development of measures that will enhance student participation and engagement in classroom (Caldwell & Loader, 2010).


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