Strategic Thinking and Strategic Leadership

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The assignment must include a clear structure with abstract, bibliography, appendices, and diagrammatic representation where appropriate. You must make appropriate use of journal articles, research papers and texts.


Strategic thinking and leadership is a core value and important aspect of organizing and management practice in today’s corporate world. Its importance is highlighted by the fact that organizations have goals, objectives that it must meet within a specific timeline. Therefore, strategic thinking and leadership is required to ensure that it is achieved and met. That is just one of the key importance in using strategic thinking and leadership in management and specifically applying it to the running of an organisation. All these raise two fundamental questions, what is strategic thinking? What is strategic leadership?

Strategic thinking can be defined as thinking or mental process applied by an individual, in this case, the management in the context of achieving organisational success. It is a cognitive process that produces thought. It can be thought of as a problem-solving technique. On the other hand, strategic leadership is a style of leadership providing the direction and long-term vision that ensures the successful growth of any organisation. To successfully manage the change, the top management of an organisation require the skills and knowledge for strategy formulation and strategy implementation. All these require leaders who are strategic and visionary. This paper looks at strategic thinking and strategic leadership, how they apply for a management and the organisational context.


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