Sampling Methods

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Begin your discussion by sharing your problem statement and research question. Next, discuss your sampling plan. In addition, discuss your research design. Consider the following as you craft your response.


How will the sample be selected?

What type of sampling method is used? Is it appropriate to the design?

Does the sample reflect the population as identified in the problem or purpose statement?

Is the sample size appropriate? Why or why not?

To what population may the findings be generalized? What are the limitations in generalizability?

Diabetes extremely distresses the elderly. Diabetes incidence rates are anticipated to increase universally, with the principal cluster being individuals of the age of 65 years and above. Reducing hospitalization duration is an aspect frequently related to a greater risk of rehospitalization, compromising the care quality and increasing secondary expenditures as a result of inadequate patient recovery. Due to this reason it has been proposed that high and growing rehospitalization rates is the price of premature discharge (Al Ameri et al., 2014).

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