Review of Henrietta Lack Movie on Informed Consent

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For this DQ, you will watch the Henrietta Lacks film and provide a 2-page analysis, APA style 3-4 references including the ACA provision documents and film of one of the issues listed below in light of our current healthcare delivery system and ACA law. watch the Henrietta Lacks film for this course. You may want to jot down keys themes as you watch the film in preparation for the question.
Here are ways to access the film:
You may watch the film by streaming through: Amazon, HBO Go (free with that subscription), YouTube, iTunes, Vudu, or Google Play. Red box should also have it available.
Issues to choose from:
• Informed Consent/Health Literacy
• Privacy
• Provider/Patient Relationships
• Health Disparities/Access
• Tissue Ownership/Research
• Future trends with genomics
Highlighting some excerpts/scenes from the storyline, please correlate them with provisions in the ACA that impact the issue today i.e. Insurance exchanges/Medicaid expansion and the issue of access
Please also note examples from your personal/professional roles, bringing forth not only concerns associated with the issue, but successful resolutions or potential innovative solutions for addressing the issue.
You are encouraged to use the ACA provision document found in Course Documents and hyperlink:

What has reverberated with viewers are the intertwined episodes of sad life of Henrietta Lacks and the pursuit of her daughter Deborah who seeks knowledge concerning her mum whom she never came to know. It has been said that the physicians at Hopkins hospital took Henrietta`s cells without seeking for consent (Su et al., 2016). The movie also shows clearly that her relatives and her family only learnt of Henrietta`s cell immortality more than twenty years after she had died, when researchers studying HeLa line cells started using Lack`s hubby and offspring in investigation minus informed consent. The HeLa cells launched an industry that is worth a lifetime fortune and peddles materials that are of human biological nature while Henrietta`s family has never seen or benefited from the profits. Henrietta was not injured by the investigation done using the cells obtained from her, but nonetheless, the movie magnificently draws links between her encounter and that of the study of the syphilis on Tuskegee, in which the research that was conducted on black men did not entirely inform them of the risks associated with it (Beskow, 2016).

The movie widens the matter by also showing other scenarios of experimentations conducted with African-American persons who were surviving in scarcity and who would barely comprehend what was enquired of them, since their therapeutic understanding was so wanting.


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