Reflective Analysis

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The client is 30 years’ old who works at a law firm within the city. She decides to schedule a meeting with a Social Worker away from Melbourne since she has some concerns regarding one of the firm’s partners and wants everything to be confidential. Previously she was passionate about her job, and substantially felt genuinely firmly established at work. Nonetheless, not so long ago she has recognized that various youthful staff the firm had employed had left, and she was concerned about their wellbeing. She endeavored to get into contact one of the staff that had left, however, she didn’t want to talk regarding the issue and advised her to also get out before it was too late. In due course of the previous month her caseload has been jacked up, and whilst this doesn’t disconcert her, it spells out that she has to spend more hours at the office. A week earlier when they were just the two of them at the office. The partner in question had vocalized some unprofessional sexual remarks regarding her body that made her uneasy. She has very strong limits, and her sentiment is that it she was not okay with the comments. She is anxious, and feels disempowered. She has the opinion that in the case she was to report the issue, she may get fired, nevertheless if she doesn’t, no one is savvy to what might transpire.

Social work

The objective, such as it was in this case is to find solutions to the existent and feasibly further underlying issues that could be advancing and limiting the surmounting capability and social functioning of the clients.


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