Re-entry issues for expatriates

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For this week’s session, focus on the issues of repatriation for the expatriate.  What should be considered for an employee who has completed a lengthy international assignment?  What is required of the company in regards to the expatriate when they return?  New position, new location, promotion, guaranteed position, other?  As has been highlighted many times during the session, there is much less emphasis placed on the returning expatriate, which could be a contributing factor as to why they depart so soon after returning.  When they are not treated well, they are prime candidates to “poached”, or recruited from the company.  Therefore, when the returning expat departs, the company’s investment has been lost.  So, from a Human Resources perspective, what can we do to prevent this from happening?

A very high percentage of expats ranging between 60-70 percent were reported not to know their exact positions in their work place upon returning home from an assignment. About 60% alleged their companies were unclear concerning repatriation, fresh roles in the organization as well as the new career advancement. Additionally, they expressed a feeling that their companies overlooked their predicaments while trying to adjust back to their normal life in US.


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