Professional Nursing Practice

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Task Description Registered nurses have a set of knowledge, skills, attitudes and values that are necessary for them to practice within their scope of practice. “How do I get from being a student to a registered nurse with a level of experience?” is a question that often plagues newly graduated nurses. In this assignment you are required to write an essay exploring and developing an in depth knowledge of competence and how this applies to nursing practice. Submit an essay supported by critical analysis of contemporary literature that:•Defines competence and how it applies to nursing including reference to regulating bodies and their roles•Describe the Nursing and Midwifery Board of Australia (NMBA) decision-making framework in relation to Registered Nurse (RN) clinical practice•Examines what “being a competent practitioner’ means in nursing•Discusses how newly registered nurses demonstrate competence and how this is different from that of a student nurse and other nursing roles such as Endorsed Enrolled Nurse (EEN), and Assistant in Nursing (AIN) with reference to the NMBANational competency standards for the registered nurse•Evaluates mechanisms and processes for dealing with incompetence in the workplace

In the world today, registered nurses are required to have good skills, values and attitudes that help them practice well in their scope of work. A set of knowledge is important to nurse as it plays an important role of ensuring that one carries his or her duties efficiently. For a nursing practice to be professional; the nurse should attend to the patients effectively as per code of conduct stipulated in the hospitals. A healthcare nurse undergoes certain changes and adaptation as the nurse transforms from being a student or trainee to a fully registered nurse. These changes at times are very hard for the nurses to adapt, but with the right help and correct attitude one can easily adopt and improve his or her level of competency. Leadership skills are important to a professional nurse since they help the practice and in the day to day life of the nurse (Downey, Parslow & Smart, 2011). It is with leadership skills that a professional nurse can delegate duties to others and also accept duties and responsibilities delegated to him or her. Professional nursing practice requires one to follow the code of conduct strictly, and also carry out the practice effectively. A practice carried out effectively and properly by a professional nurse leads to great competency in the workforce. A competent nurse produces quality work hence improved healthcare services in the respective hospitals where the nurse works.

It is important for a registered nurse to be competent in what he or she does in the workplace. Competency is the skill, ability, knowledge and judgment that require nurses to have ethical and safe nursing practice. Competence in the nursing field is important because it greatly helps in the daily practice of nursing. Competence in nursing practice ensures that there is protection of the public; that is the nurses show competency by being safe and ethical in nursing practice as they attend to the patients and the public in general (DiLeonardi, & Biel, 2012). Registered nurses use competence as a resource to help them understand the expectations at the entry-level practice and the applications that are ongoing within their professional roles.


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