Post Migration Acculturation Transition Experiences on Internationally Trained Nurses (ITNs)

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Describe obstacles that migrating nurses face in their professional integration.


Acculturation is defined as cultural adjustment of a person or a group of people by adjusting to or copying characteristics of different culture. It has been discovered to have negative and positive outcomes. Research has demonstrated that the adverse effects of acculturation include stress, prolonged depression and smoking termination. Nurses frequently encounter morally weighing down circumstances in their clinical practicing that conflict with their personal and professional morals. Working with incompetent and unskilled healthcare staffs, insecure working settings, organizational limitations, and insufficient staffing have added to the rise of moral dilemmas encountered by migrant nurses.

Majority of the nurses who encounter these problems become discouraged in their determinations to maintain their professional obligation to their patients in methods that are satisfactory to them, thus resulting to moral issues and distress. Nurses who suffer from moral distress are unable to fulfill their ethical commitments and obligations, therefore, they fail to follow what they trust to be the correct path of action. It has serious consequences to nurses as it can bring professional breakout, emotional and physical stress, moral indifference, and even worse, the nurses may end up abandoning the profession. Managing moral distress is vital as it can lessen its negative effects, preserve the moral compassion of nurses, and promote moral boldness, which can eventually encourage quality and safe patient care (Galbany-Estragués & Nelson, 2016).

Nurses are migrating from India to go to the USA largely due to the ancient…


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