Pathophysiological Effects and Pharmacological Management

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This need to be turnitin so no plagiarism. At least 10 reference not more than 5 years. This like a report. You just need to answer the question provided in the attachment.You can use bullet points and with explanation from the books (no personal idea )of the following question in the attachment.This have 3 topics.type II diabetes mellitus, asthma or depression.(if you gonna put prevalence don’t forget this is from australia) any question pls feel free to ask thank you so much



Immune-mediated factors

These are factors that cause the immune system of the body to overreact to certain things that include; pollen, dust mites and animal dander that in most human being are harmless.

Genetic and environmental factors

Studies show that most of the genes are either linked or involved in the compartment of asthma and some of its features. The complexities of genes’ involvement are observed by the linkages to certain phenotypic features.

The two environmental factors that have come out as the most significant in the development, severity and most probably persistence of asthma are viral respiratory infections and airborne allergens (Anil and Zhang, 2011).

Hygiene Hypothesis

It is characterized with cleanness in the environment that people live, stay and play. In an effort to keep these environments, clean has led to the use of antimicrobial products, which in turn has led to the interfering of the natural course of human being immune system development. That is, the chemicals eliminate the infectious agents in the environment that assist in testing and strengthening immunity. According to Anil and Zhang (2011), the frequent use of cleaning products has cause high risk of getting asthma, especially the aerosol-based ones.


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