Mental Health Nursing

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Study anxiety and write an essay on mental health nursing.


Social anxiety disorder is a mental disorder that affects people of all age groups. The treatment of such patients is essential for them to live their lives normally. It is important to assess a patient before diagnosis and treatment. The entire process should be dealt with caution lest the patient gets misdiagnosed. The diagnostic and statistical manual and the international classification of diseases have set down guidelines that will ensure the proper diagnosis and treatment of mental illnesses. In this essay, a review of the treatment of Jarrod, a patient who suffered from social anxiety disorder, is administered (Nizette, 2014). The essence is to illustrate the effectiveness of the assessment and treatment of Jarrod by a nurse who followed the DSM and ICD criteria and successfully relieved Jarrod of the disease.

Social anxiety disorder

There are different types of anxiety disorders. Therefore, the first assessment conducted to the patient is asking questions (Varcarolis, 2010). The patient needs to describe the symptoms he or she is experiencing so the doctor would determine accurately what kind of anxiety the patient is experiencing. The questions should be leading to a particular diagnosis. It is possible to differentiate the different categories of anxiety even though they show similar symptoms. A more accurate determinant is the use of a psychological questionnaire because the standard questions draw condition that is more specific for any patient.


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