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Assignment 1 -Media AnalysisInstructionsIn your first assignment for Business Law and Ethicsyou will analysea media report concerning a business with a legal issue. You will conduct a legal and ethical analysis of the businessand the issue it confronts.This assignment is worth 25% of your marks for the unit.It is comprised of three parts. Each part, and what it is worth as a percentage of your marks, is explained below.Part 1 -Identifya media report -5%-400 wordsYou are required to identify a media report that focuses on a business that isdealing with a legal issue.The media report should be from a newspaper or journal. Television news reports and online blog posts are not suitable media reports for this assignment.You will need to read widely to identify an article that is both interesting to you and which contains sufficient depth and detail to complete the assignment.Some suggested sources for locating a suitable article:•The Sydney Morning Herald, The AgeandThe Canberra Timesare examples of free online newspapers. •The Australianand The Australian Financial Review-the UC Library has an online subscription to these newspapers.•News websites such as ABC Online, Guardian Australia or The Conversation.•Journals such as The Economistoften have some free articleson their websites.You should provide the following information for Part 1:1.Details about the article -the author or journalist, the title, the publication and the date.2.An explanation of why you chose the article.3.A summary of the article.Part 2-Legal Analysis-10%-800 wordsOnce you have identified themedia report that you would like to work with, you need to read and analyse it in relation to the legal issues that it raises.Please note that we do not expect you to be a legal expert! In your Legal Analysis you need to do the following:1.Identify the legal issues raised in the article.

2.Identify sources of law and legal institutions relevant to the legal issues.3.Explain the legal issues. Relevant questions would include:a.What aspect of the business’s conduct has raised a legal issue?b.What is potentially unlawful about what the business has been doing?c.Why has the business been engaging in this conduct?d.What are the possible outcomes of the legal issue?4.Analyse how the legal issue could impact the business.This will require you to conduct additional research on the business, the industryand/or the law.Part 3 -Ethical Analysis -10% -800 wordsIn most cases where a business’s conduct has raised a legal issue, ethical issues will also arise. There are two sectionsto your ethical analysis.Section 1 -Ethical theory analysisThe Grace & Cohen reading on the Moodle site discusses several approaches to theorising businessethics, including consequentalism, rights-based approaches and virtue ethics.Discuss each of these approaches and apply it to the ethical issues raised in the media report:1.How would applying each approach impact on the business’s decision-making?2.Do theapproaches produce different outcomes?3.Which do you think is preferable and why?Section 2 -Stakeholder analysis]The Crane & Matten reading on the Moodle site outlines three ways of framing business ethics in practice: corporate social responsibility, stakeholder theory and corporate citizenship. In this assignment, we are going to work with stakeholder theory:1.Identify the business’s stakeholders.2.How are the stakeholders likely to be affected by the legal and ethical issues raised in the media report?3.How should the business’s decision-making be affected by their stakeholders

Media report

“Seven warned on Credit cards amid CEO scandal” is the title of the article authored by two journalists. The two journalists are Lucy Battersby and Patrick Hatch, both of whom are from The Sydney Morning Herald newspaper where this article has been posted (Battersby & Hatch, 2017). The article was posted on January 11, 2017 in the Business section of the news website.

I have selected this article among many others due to a number of reasons. The main reason is that it is an up-to-date article that is detailing a mega scandal in terms of business and legal aspects. It should be noted that the appearance of this news article is in this New Year 2017 and this week so to say. Another valid reason as to why I have chosen this news article is the fact that it involves a senior official and an ordinary former employee of Seven West Media Company. Lastly but not least, it is the cause of the core issue of contention that is of most interest; sex.

It is a case of a “love gone sour” between former “lovers”; Ms Amber Harrison (Former employee) and Mr. Timothy Worner (CEO). Ms Harrison is accusing the Seven West Media of unfairly tracking down her credit card transactions history (Battersby & Hatch, 2017). To Ms Harrison, the company is incompetent to undertake any business that involves her credit card. According to this article, the relationship between Ms Harrison and the CEO Timothy Worner began to go bad in 2014. At around this year, Ms Harrison began to make moves leading to the termination of their love relationship.  In that same year, i.e. 2014,


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