Mayor Ed Murray and Seattle’s Historic Fight for $15

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Describe the historic fight for raising the minimum wage to $15 in the city of Seattle by Mayor ED Murray.

The minimum wage of $15 of Seattle has remained in the news bulletin for quite some time and some people have been inquisitive of its profits. Mayor Ed Murray is the one who appended the signature on the regulation in the year 2014 and he knew its significance for work-forces in the city of Seattle. By increasing the least possible wage, they raised earnings for the least paid employees and the economy remains to grow. Some three years back, Seattle come to be the first key city to authorize a $15 lowest wage. Although it is not a silver bullet to bridge the disparity, the minimum wage is a dire instrument that will benefit the economy and the low-wage work-forces. Placing more cash in employees’ pockets results to higher spending at residential businesses which automatically grows the economy (Jardim et al., 2017).

The city is engaged in taking further phases, such as constructing affordable and cheap houses, investing in kindergarten and expanding transportation to address inequalities. The diverse stakeholders from all over Seattle approved the minimum wage through bringing incongruent interests together, and in the year 2017 it has hit $15 for certain huge proprietors. Currently, the economy of Seattle is blooming and the proprietors are contending for work-forces. Restaurants, hotels and retailers are scrambling to get workers. Works generally considered as low-paid, for instance food delivery or dish-washing, begin at $15 or even $20 for every hour (Jardim et al., 2017).


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