Management studies in Policing

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Write an essay on management studies in policing. Include an short introduction, aims, body, workplace scan, analysis of the problem, desired outcomes, response to be implemented assessment of response and recommendations.


1.0 Introduction

Management and leadership, or their absence plays an essential role in shaping and determining the nature of outcome or output in key police departments, or organisations. The need for leadership and management if policing is relatively apparent. Most policing organisations are still bureaucratic in nature, or to some extent, paramilitary in nature. Therefore, the police supervisors are considered as ranked officers more than managers of the police. The roles of police officers become more diverse and complicated with ranking. Police officers acquire the role of rank, or manager by promotion, or some form of competition rather than based on leadership and competency skills. For this reason, this article will examine the fundamental of the leadership and management strategies in the supervision of police officers.

2.0 Aim

The aim of this research is to build an understanding on the role and responsibilities of supervisors in policing, incorporating the management and leadership aspects into the role and responsibilities of the supervisors in police. The management and leadership strategies, skills, and strategies will be examined on the basis workplace situations that the supervisors encounter on the day-to-day activities. The scenario analysis will be examined based on identify the leadership, and management skills and values that will be used to improve the ability of less experienced constables in confronting violent situations. The SARA decision-making concept will be used to examine the nature and extent of decision-making capabilities of the supervisor in policing activities. The SARA decision-making concept will be examined in a managerial role.


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