Literacy and Numeracy Development

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Help Required In: i need help with “Literacy and Numeracy development” i am doing coursed: Bachelor of EC Study Assessment Task 2 : 2400 Word please make sure you use the references I provided. i will also send you all the reading materials thT we received so far via attachment also the name of our text books are as below: Set Text Knaus, M. (2013). Maths is all around you. Albert Park, Australia: Teaching Solutions. Chapter 1 Teaching and learning mathematics p.1-12. Hill, S. (2012). Developing early literacy: Assessment and Teaching. South Yarra. Eleanor Curtain Chapter 1 Developing Early Literacy and Chapter 3 Homes and Communities


A strong centre focused on literacy and numeracy development is essential because children need these skills to have access to learning and succeed later on in life. Confidence attained and competence in literacy and numeracy skills provide the foundations for lifelong learning. These sets of skills allow children to remain open and welcoming new ideas and ways of thinking and understand themselves and the world around them (Knaus, 2013). Strong literacy and numeracy skills enable us all to respond creatively and confidently to the demands of everyday living and to contribute positively and effectively to society, whether through the use of language or mathematics. Both are fundamental skills that help with defining us and opening the door to wider and deeper learning all throughout.

The following assignment is a formal report of the children’s literacy and numeracy. One literacy interview is completed, and the responses of the children are analysed, using the theoretical perspectives found in various sets and required readings and the ideas presented in the unit. Furthermore, having identified elements of the thinking of each of the children, I suggest possible activities that will extend their mathematical and literacy development for each interview. This is because educators and those others working with children and young people actively should actively seek opportunities that will allow children to reflect on and use and develop their mathematical literacy and numeracy skills.


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