India as a thriving economy

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Discussion Question:

This discussion is broken into 3 parts. Each part must be answered in a paragraph.

  1. Why has India been able to build a thriving economy?
  2. What are the country’s advantages in the market?
  3. What are some disadvantages?

Write 3 paragraphs, 6 lines in APA Format with a minimum of two references from 2009 to current.

India is an epitome destination for investing owing to its vibrant independent system, which is suitably reinforced by a comprehensive legitimate structure and autonomous jurisdictive system. There is also the existence of an enormous system of branches of bank, financial establishments, in addition to a properly -structured capital market which make India a favorite destination in comparison to other countries by overseas investors (Kalyanaram, 2009).

Again India boasts a huge network of mechanical and managing establishments that command very high global standards. These establishments grow outstanding human resources. Additionally, India commands a robust population of English-speaking persons for commercial purposes. India as a country is strategically located in the setting of the third world market. It is also a fast growing region in the Asian marketplaces with a supportive groundwork and infrastructure which offer the nation a competitive edge over other nations for drawing foreign investors (Lema et al., 2012).


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