Improving People Management Processes at the Resort and Maintaining Quality and Cost-Effectiveness

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is is an individual assignment that is designed to assess two types of skills: Communication skills in constructing a professional document; and Disciplinary skills in using knowledge to advocate for the HR profession. Details Read the case study ‘This is me!’ which is available via the link below: 200740 Spring 2018 Case Study Your task is to construct an email to the General Manager that clearly articulates the following: Your professional perspective on the situation; An overview of your strategic plans for managing HR & IR effectively; and The resources you require to perform your job well. Guidelines: The 500 word limit must be adhered to within the range of + or – 10 per cent Assignments should be in Arial, 11 font, 1.5 spacing with appropriate margins. You must distinguish clearly between your own words and analysis and those of your sources. You must do this by providing appropriate citations, preferably using the Harvard method, though footnoting is acceptable. Failure to provide appropriate citations is plagiarism. See WSU academic misconduct rules. Your list of references should include only material cited in the task. This is an individual assessment task – if a submitted professional task is assessed as not being the work of a single author then academic misconduct rules apply. This is a scholarly task so it will be appropriate to utilise unit readings and materials to support your ideas and justify your arguments. Even though normal emails do not usually include references, it is expected that references will be required to successfully complete the task. To enable a professional appearance, footnoting will be acceptable for this assessment as long as it conforms to standard protocols attributed to this citation method. Template To assist you with this task, a template has been created to give you a guide as to the tone and style of the email required. The template does not have to be used! However, if you do use components of it, please recognise that these elements will not count towards the 500 words and will most likely be highlighted as matches on Turnitin which may increase the overall match. Obviously, this will not count towards any allegation of inappropriate behaviour. 200740 Assessment 2 Professional Task Template Spring 2018

First the resort should define its objectives, establish goals, evaluate progress, reward achievement, and exhibit the results for everyone to see which will be fundamental in turbo-charging productivity and progressively advancing the resort in a new direction (McGregor and Doshi, 2015). Quality should become the key to the resort’s success, hence having quality management systems will allow the resort to keep up with and adhere to present quality standards, satisfy the customer’s specifications for quality, retain the staff through competitive remuneration programs, and stay in touch with the latest technology (D’Ortenzio, 2012). The management should use performance metrics to establish and communicate strategic objectives modified to every employee and role in the organization. Managers will utilize them to identify underachieving individuals or teams and direct them back on track. The staff in turn should be encouraged to utilize performance metrics to concentrate on what’s significant and assist them achieve objectives stipulated in their individual performance plans. Performance metrics should be a critical aspect of performance management, as it positions performance with strategy. Performance management will harness information technology to keep track of the implementation of business strategy and assist the resort achieve its goals (Eckerson, 2009).


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