Improving Communication Skills

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Your course project in this course is to design and implement a personal improvement goal for the next five weeks that focuses on a specific nursing leadership or management skill that you would like to improve upon. You will use the PDCA (Plan-Do-Check-Act) process to help you achieve your goal.

Identify an area upon which you would like to improve—a goal for professional development. For example, say you would like to improve upon your communication skills and the specific outcome you are trying to achieve is to become more assertive in your interaction with other health care professionals. Establish and document a clear plan on how you will achieve your goal. Define measurable criteria that will help you determine if improvement has occurred.

  1. Do (D)

Implement the plan and begin collecting and documenting data immediately at the beginning of the session. Continue collecting and documenting data at least several times a week through the first five weeks of the session in order to help you measure whether or not your plan has been successful. The more information you have, the better and stronger your analysis will be.

  1. Check (C)

After you have collected data, begin to analyze the information. Based on the data you collected, choose an appropriate “tool” on pp. 8-24 of the “Personal Quality Improvement Work Book” and use this tool to assist you in analyzing your data. After you have analyzed the data, begin to identify and document conclusions based on your analysis.

  1. Act (A)

After you have studied and analyzed the data, does the information that you gathered support that you have achieved your goal or does it suggest modification in your plan is needed in order to achieve your goal? If you achieved your goal respond to item (a) below. If you need to modify your plan, address item (b) below.

  1. If your goal was achieved, specifically indicate how you can “consolidate, strengthen, and support the change achieved” so things do not “slide back into the status quo” (Neuhauser, Myhre, & Alemi, 2004, p. 7).

If modification is needed, what changes do you think are required to achieve your goal? Be specific. Include information how you would act upon the modified plan reusing the PDCA cycle if you had additional time to do so.


Good communication between the nurses and patients is very essential in order to guarantee high quality services and particularly when is based on the patient- focused approach. The healthcare administration can guarantee superior nursing care to their patients by considering patient-focused communication. It is quite important to support and embolden nurses to communicate with the patients in this way (D’souza et al., 2013).

Decent communication amid nurses and their patients is indispensable for the effective outcome of personalized nursing treatment for every patient. To realize this, though, nurses need to apprehend and assist their patients through extending courtesy, compassion and honesty. Decent communication moreover is not simply established on the physical capabilities of nurses, but as well as on experience, education and skills.

The benefits of patient contentment surveys depend greatly on using consistent, psychometrically verified data assortment methods. A detailed investigation on some research articles which systematically analyze the correlation of dependent and independent significant elements towards general patient contentment as well its influence on the quality enhancement of practice have been demonstrated. This article advocates on improving the patient contentment without obstacles of communication concerning medications. Healthy discussions with coworkers and patients can help ease jargon, and permit obstacles to communication to be seen and resolved (Saleh & Davis, 2016).


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