How motives and emotions affect behavior

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The topmost rank of the Maslow’s Pyramid of Necessities stands to be self – actualization. This remains the peak necessity that may only be achieved once all other basic requirements are achieved. Self-actualized persons are contented in almost all facets of life and are working extra hard to realize accomplishment. Maslow pyramid defines self-actualization as a non-concrete destination rather as fluid state in which persons are persistently endeavoring to improve themselves. However, they recognize what is essential and that which makes them cheerful and satisfied, they discern that objective setting and accomplishment is a continuous process (Guha, 2009).

I participated in an online class which taught me about my personal security, for instance having a roof over my head and making certain that I am safe from physical injury. The lessons created key supportive and peaceful setting that did not trigger my security requirements. The class taught me how to address my security problems as I was able to form security systems wherein I could discuss the most pressing issues with my friends through emails.


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