Healthcare costs due to smoking in Australia

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Report  2000 words


The misuse of alcohol, use of illegal substances, tobacco and weapon ownership are some of the health risk behaviours that play a larger role in shaping individual decisions resulting in negative health outcomes, such as injury and death.

Select one of these health risk behaviours and construct a three-part report.


Part A: Discuss the magnitude, distribution and impact of your chosen health risk behaviour in Australia.  Compare your Australian findings to a country of your choice and identify similarities and differences between the two countries


Part B: Discuss the behavioural, social and environmental risk factors contributing to your chosen health risk behaviour resulting in negative health outcomes.


Part C: Identify and discuss a key health promoting intervention, which has been implemented to decrease the selected health risk behaviour?


In your discussion provide an analysis of the effectiveness of the intervention.

Presentation of the report:

  • The content and structure of your report is important; so is the presentation and style.
  • Please consider the following points:
  • ensure the separate parts of your report stand out clearly
  • use subheadings appropriately
  • number each page and include header and/or footer
  • use consistent and appropriate formatting and formal language.


Every year, smoking kills about 15, 000 people in Australia, and costs the economy $31.5 Billion, which includes health costs. It is the biggest cause of preventable disease and cause of death in the society. It is projected that almost a half of all smokers in Australia will perish from smoking. The effects of this are wide, there are children and grandchildren who depend on the victims of smoking; thus, its direct and indirect costs are extremely high. Even if the prevalence of smoking were to reduce to single digit figures, the costs of smoking continue to be felt numerous years to come. The impact of smoking on the society are not just long-term, but also far-reaching. The total burden of smoking is wide and far-reaching, and various control mechanisms must be adopted to reduce the effect of the smoking within the society. Various social, behavioural, and environmental factors result in the risk of smoking. These factors are both controllable and uncontrollable. This article will examine the prevalence of smoking in Australia; compare, and contrast it with the United Kingdom. In addition, it will analyse the various social, behavioural, and environmental factors that contribute to smoking, and the intervention mechanism utilised to reduce and control smoking.

Discuss the magnitude, distribution, and impact of tobacco smoking in Australia


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