Genetically Modified Organisms (GMO’s.)

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No genetics course would be complete without an evaluation on the ethics of genetic modification (GM) or genetically modified organisms (GMO’s.) It is a good opportunity to write an opinion paper. A persuasive opinion paper expresses your opinion or views on a specific topic that you back up with research. It should be supported with arguments in favor of your opinion on the topic including examples.

What is the purpose of GM, what is accomplished with it, and how is it used? Can you describe the basic GM process, and explore some of the ethical issues around it? You may discover that many of our foods have been genetically modified, and these same techniques have been put to good use for production of medicines.

Your paper should include some background on GM. The paper should progress into, three parent babies, a more recent technique, , resource contains straight-forward explanations.

You should choose a stand on three parent baby production is positive and a step in the right direction, or that production of three parent babies is wrong and should not be permitted. Four resources to support your paper, containing science content and/or ethical views.


Genetic engineering could possibly fix serious genomic conditions in human beings by substituting the faulty gene with an effective gene. It is a major instrument in investigation as it allows the role of explicit genes to be explored. Some doctors have successfully produced a baby boy using the genetic material from three persons. This was an effort to correct a fault in the mitochondria of the mother. Some women carry some mitochondria that undergo certain forms of mutation for instance in the case of the boy`s mum which had potential to cause fatal disorders. However, there are ethical issues involved in such procedures since they have not been tested and verified to eliminate the possible negative effects on the children produced by it.


Genetic modification is a procedure that modifies the genomic make-up of a living organism by either getting rid of or adding DNA material. Contrasting to the customarily plant and animal breeding that consists of performing many crosses and then choosing the preferred traits, genetic modification removes the genetic factor straight from the superior organism and insets it inside the other. This is quite efficient, may be exploited to inset any genetic factors from various organisms and averts other detrimental genetic factors from being added (Dizon et al., 2016).


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