Fundamentals of Business and Organization

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Write a report on  the fundamentals of Fundamentals of Business and Organization. Include an exacutive summary, an introduction, a small literature review, and a conclusion in your report.

This study sought to identify the functional areas of Lulu Hypermarket and the various activities carried out in those areas. The study also seeks to understand how the different activities in these functional areas have helped in the growth of this company. The method of research employed in the study is Fundamental or Basic Research method. Lulu Hypermarket which is a retail division of a multinational Lulu Group International is known for its leadership in the retail industry in the Gulf region. Lulu Hypermarket is part of Lulu International’s 133 stores across the Gulf region. The hypermarket has, with a lot of success, managed to carter for the conceivable needs of its customers from one roof making it a preferred one-stop shop for most customers. Lulu hypermarkets are found throughout United Arabs Emirates as well as other nations like Oman, Kuwait, Egypt, Saudi Arabia, India, Indonesia, and Malaysia. The data used for this study is mainly from Lulu Hypermarket Website and other scholarly journals and books on fundamentals of business and organizations. The study found out that the continued success of Lulu Hypermarket in making expansions is mainly due to the professional approach in undertaking the various activities in its core functional areas. The report discusses the activities in the functional areas, its promotional activities and the sources of the company’s finances then discusses its recruitment strategies.


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