Fever development and benefits

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Fevers help in stimulating the immune system. High body temperature is means by which the body immune systems attempts to act against an infection. The increased body temperature is meant to help the body to resolve the infection (World Health Organization 2015,p.895).

Mild fevers should not cause an alarm. Mild fever   helps in neutralizing the pathogens that are causing the infection.

Fever is common medical symptoms that involve higher body temperatures of about   36-370 C.  Individual’s normal body temperature may vary depending on time of the day, season, and activity being done among others. However, the normal body temperature should be around 35 0 C. In the case study, Peter developed the fever as result of his body trying to fight the influenza virus infection (Craft et al. 2015, pp.234-235). Unfortunately, the temperature rose very high resulting to the fever. When the fever goes beyond 380 C then an attempt to bring it down should be done. In adults the most cases the fever are due to viral infections.


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