Fear of Terrorism as a Socially Constructed Emotion

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This will be written from the materials in your annotated descriptive bibliography that you have done before. Plus any additional sources you wish to add. You may include material form print media and online sources as evidence to illustrate your discussion and support your arguments.

The main aim of this essay is to examine the fear of terrorism and its connection to the society. In the essay, I will broadly examine ways in which terrorism has brought fear among people in the society and how it can be overcome. Using examples, I will try to show how societies have undergone a lot of fear because of the terrorist attacks in their communities.  Terrorism creates a sense of fear among people because every time one is afraid of something bad happening around them (Priscilla, 2010). In a case where a certain society is involved in high rate of terrorist attacks, that community lives in great fear that an attack may occur anytime. For an instant; the American people, more recently the Westgate Mall attack in Kenyan, the Israelites and the people of Iraq. Terrorism is a major factor to consider in the society that brings fear as part of peoples’ emotions. According to Altheide, “the impact of the discourse of fear is to promote a sense of disorder and a belief that things are out of control (2003).”

In the thesis, will be looking at how terrorism in the society contributes to fear as a socially constructed emotion. This is the major problem that I will be analyzing in this essay. In addition, the research paper will look at how terrorism attacks have threatened peoples’ lives and the consequences of that. It can be said that fear is mostly facilitated by the environmental factors around the society such as 9/11 event, bombings and war (Stearns, 2008). The most focus of the thesis will be examining the role of terrorism in contributing to fear among people. Why do people fear terrorism and what effects does it cause in the society if it occurs at a particular time. The major question in this research paper is why do people fear terrorist, what effect does it bring to people in the society and how can it be overcome.  Although terrorists’ attacks have been seen to cause problems such as economic struggles among country, it also has an immediate effect on the psychology of people affected by the attacks.


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