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In most cases these spectacles of society, be it killing or committing suicide, raping, torturing, is as a result of the people knowing that they have a captive audience. To prevent the violent and unpleasant videos from going viral, facebook and other social media should constitute a protocol that comprises a team to respond to calls at each and every hour. This team should be properly trained and prepared to answer to intelligences of content that are considered to infringe society ethics

Live video is treated like all other content, according to Facebook.

“Anyone can report content to us if they think it goes against our standards, and it only takes one report for something to be reviewed,” Facebook’s community standards state. “One of the most sensitive situations involves people sharing violent or graphic images of events taking place in the real world. In those situations, context and degree are everything.”

Write an essay to explain how Facebook can reduce the social media crimes.

Facebook Company should shoulder the responsibility for preventing violence on Facebook users and rescue the victim in both live streaming and the general. Facebook platforms are able to react expeditiously to many requests, comprising circumstances where there is an impending risk of bodily harm or death. For example, Facebook has worked with law implementation consultants in child kidnapping cases to help in tracing the missing kid. However monitoring the information exchanged among the users is quite imperfect and difficult. This is because network of Facebook users is so enormous. The Facebook Company depends on an amalgamation of simulated intelligence, human arbitrators and warnings from users to red mark obnoxious content. On condition that many users of Facebook report an occurrence of harmful or offensive content at the same time, algorithms of Facebook should indicate the post to a universal crew of human content arbitrators, who in turn analyze it and resolve if it infringes the terms of service of Facebook (Heaselgrave & Simmons, 2016).

This tactic raises some hitches. In some occurrences, arbitrators may make unpopular judgements concerning what information can or cannot be permitted on Facebook platforms. As much as users post every trait of their lives online, comprising of illegally scandalous conduct, the firms no other option apart from having to take a practical tactic to content temperance instead of depending just on users to ensign content for evaluation. Literature suggests a new civilian action for grave attacks on confidentiality, which also requires online arbitrators to eliminate content such as retaliation porn they are aware of it. It is expected that internet service suppliers including facebook should do more to prosecute patent breaches online.


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