Epigenetic Regulation Mechanisms of Gene Expression and Neuronal Function

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Students will write literature based research essay with in-depth analysis on a chosen aspect of epigenetic regulation with outlining of their hereditary, developmental or physiological influence.

The format of the essay should follow format of review papers adopted by leading scientific journals. The optimal size of the essay should be within 3,000~5,000 words, without counting words in the list of references. The evaluation of the essay for grading purposes would depend on the following key criteria: 1) clear focus on specific scope of problems, 2) structure, depth and logic of the narrative, 3) coherency of the narrative, 4) demonstration of own analysis and summary of published data, concepts and hypotheses, 5) literature sources beyond recommended papers.


Recently it has become clear that the genomic material coded in the DNA sequence controls the profile of gene expression as well as the epigenetic code in the histone modifications associated with DNA on chromosomes likewise play a significant part in the expression of genes. The growth and role of the central nervous system necessitates correct gene transcription regulation in response to appropriate environmental stimuli. Epigenetic processes, comprising histone modifications, DNA methylation, and other chromatin-transformation procedures, are significant in facilitating accurate gene regulation of the neurons. This essay emphases on deliberating on the role of histone modifications and DNA methylation in differentiation of the neurons, neural comportment as well as synaptic plasticity. Here, it is postulated that gene regulation is quite significant for differentiation of neural cells as well as for high-order intellectual roles for instance learning and recollection in memory.


The development of neurons consists of a chain of genetic agendas that specifically control step precise gene events obligatory for neural modelling, cell movement, and neuronal network. Appropriate regulation of step precise expression of genes in nervy system is not just regulated by the machinery of transcription, but as well as by the epigenetic mechanisms modulation for example histone modifications, chromatin and nucleosome remodeling, DNA methylation, and noncoding RNA regulation (Zovkic et al., 2013).


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