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This assessment considers how epidemiology knowledge and these studies might help you in your future. It is also about improving PUBH621 through providing suggestions and feedback!

Assessment 3 will be weighted 10% towards the final grading. Recommended word limit 800-1000, excluding references and appendices.

1. Please write a paragraph about your educational background and work experience.

How do you think (or hope) this MPH programme, especially the Epidemiology unit, may contribute to your future career, project and thinking? (5 marks)

2. Explore the CAPHIA (Council of Academic Public Health Institutions Australia) competency Framework, the Foundation Competencies for Public Health Graduates in Australia (2nd edition), found in LEO.

Among six recommended areas of practice competencies for public health graduates (page 6 of the pdf document), which areas do you think are relevant to PUBH621 (Epidemiology)? Please mention abilities that you have attained through your work experience, life experience and/or PUBH621. (5 marks)

3. In your opinion, how the epidemiology module (PUBH 621) be further improved? Please provide a few specific suggestions. (Bonus question! – no marks attributed)

My hope with the MPH particularly the Epidemiology module is that it will enhance my apprehension related to the comprehensive, professional capability and familiarity with processes pertinent to epidemiology, and an expository cognition of contemporary issues and an up to date perception; a exhaustive apprehension of epidemiology procedures pertinent to my subsequent individual studies; an ingenuity during implementation of facts, collectively with a practical apprehension relative to what degree developed research approaches and exploration are applied to generate and clarify data; a theoretic apprehension that allows me: To assess analytically contemporary studies; to assess techniques and establish discourses regarding them and, where feasible, to put forward new concepts and suppositions; to delineate and evaluate researches pertinent to give a discourse to research suppositions; and during the carrying out of my project not to exceed funding, moral and statutory limitations: The capacity to handle challenging and intricate problems related to epidemiology logically and innovatively by utilizing an array of quantifiable approaches, make reasonable decisions even with incomplete statistics: The capability to present my deductions comprehensibly to professional audiences via quality research papers that can be published and would suffice peer review and to correspond audiences  comprise of non-professionals.


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