Effect of Negative Teacher’s Behavior on Students’ Demotivation

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Conduct a study on people who finished their university in order to investigate how they were affected by the negativity of their teachers’ behaviours during their education stages at school or university, and what behaviours that they pointed as the most negative ones, and do they believe that those negative behaviours can affect them negatively or positively) Note: you can add other points if it is better than mine.

Please, I need you to write the following the requirements:

1. Abstract for the whole topic (150 words are enough)

2. Introduction (I already wrote an introduction and I need you to write anything you think should be added to it or rewrite it in a way that suits the whole research)

Purpose of the study: (write the puropse of the study and why this research has been conducted)

Research questions ( 3 questions are enough)

Methodology: write a methodology that includes the following (number of participants= 25, 8 male, 17 female, instrument: a questionnaire, participants all received their university education and they all live in Jeddah, age: 23-35, )

Data analysis

write the analysis of the questionnaires that were given to 25 participants and analyze data by answering the research questions.
Conclusion: write a conclusion for the whole research.
What I mean is writing a research paper as if it was conducted in real.

The role of teachers’ behaviour is essential for both students and learning. Generally, instructors are expected to behave appropriately and respectfully to enhance their pupils’ motivation. However, their negative attitudes toward learners could discourage them and negatively affect the progress of the learning process. In fact, researches have been conducted to examine how instructor’s behaviour can either motivate or demotivate students to learn another language. Thus, the purpose of this paper is to highlight how negativity in teachers’ behaviours such as offensiveness, improper feedback, punishment, incompetence and indolence can clearly play a significant role in causing students’ demotivation.

Aggressiveness in instructors is the first influential behaviour that has a negative effect on pupils’ motivation. Educators who behave toward their learners in a negative way can trigger their demotivation. Christophel and Gorham (1992) affirm that negative behaviours on the part of teachers are the main factor reducing motivation among almost seventy-nine percent of students (as cited in Li & Bo, 2016). In addition, Baloğlu (2009) claims that offensiveness towards learners has proved to be the ultimate bad attitude in instructors (as cited in Williams, 2012). Likewise, as stated in Bekiari and Manoli (2016), many scholars claim that pupils who have received offensive verbal behaviours from educators have less incentive to learn than those who have not been on the receiving end of such behaviour (Bekiari, 2014; Mazer & Stowe, 2015; Myers & Knox, 2000; Myers & Rocca, 2001). Likewise, Bekiari et al. (2005) also report that if instructors offend their pupils verbally, it can decrease the learners’ motivation and interest to learn. Consequently, it can also create an adverse feeling towards education and the learning process itself (as cited in Beyhan, Ektem, & Keçici, 2013). Thus, it appears that offensive educators’ behaviour can negatively affect pupils’ motivation.


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