Early Childhood Development and Care

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Write an essay on Early Childhood development and care and include the following in your essay:

Codes of practice, and duty of care

Health and General Well-being

Rights and responsibilities of workers and employers

Work role boundaries – responsibilities and limitations

Quality education of the Caregiver


Early childhood can be distinctly defined as the stage from birth to an age of eight years. This is period of extraordinary brain development. The early childhood education and care is very essential and helps the child to transit to the formal education. In this period, the brain, especially the circuitry controlling feelings, responsiveness, self-discipline and anxiety, is fashioned by the interaction of the kid’s genes, skills and experiences. As children are nurtured, the biotic and abiotic factors that govern their growth become progressively intertwined. When the environ is safe, these aspects become linked together and help maximize the child`s potential. However, when a child faces persistent difficulties to healthy growth, for instance inappropriate upkeep, chronic poverty, or abuse, surroundings may lead them to mental, emotional and physical problems. In this period which is extremely sensitive, learning that takes place lays the basis for future education. Additionally, the knowledge that is gained during this delicate age imprints a long-lasting impact on the growth of the child`s emotional and social behavior.

Inadequate nutrition after birth can severely interfere with the development of the brain. This may lead to mental retardation and difficulties in learning. It has been reported that children who are exposed to good nutrition and healthy environments show good brain development than those exposed to poor nutrition and stressful environments at the age of twelve years. Additionally, the learning abilities and memory capacity can be adversely affected or even permanently damaged by early stressful aspects on brain function (Felfe & Lalive, 2013).

Codes of practice, and duty of care

Early development is a special and treasured period in the human life. Our principal duty is to offer care and education in environments that are safe, fitting, nurturing, and healthy for all children. The care giver should be committed to aiding in children’s growth and education;


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