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Essay Format will be as follows: Introduction- 100 words; Incidence and prevalence -200 words; Mortality and Morbidity- 200 words; Cohort at the risk of the condition- 200 words; Current health promotion Strategies – 200 words; conclusion- 100 words


Diabetes Type 2 is a chronic metabolic condition characterized by the body’s resistance to insulin, lack of insulin at all, and high glucose level in the blood. Lack or shortage of insulin is due to the inability of the pancreas to produce enough of it, or when the body is not able to use the pancreatic insulin. Hormone insulin regulates the blood sugar level. When the body attains a state when the level of blood glucose is uncontrollable, hyperglycemia begins to show, and it usually leads to severe damage of the nerves and the blood system. According to Inzucchi et al. (2015), the statistics from the World Health Organization show that in 2013, 8.4% of the worldwide adults above 20 years had type2 diabetes that resulted in 1.8 million deaths that year. 2.2 million Deaths in 2012 were caused again by diabetes type2. Risk factors for developing type2 diabetes include the genes and the individual’s lifestyle. Children are less prone to developing the condition because of the age factor as well the lifestyle. Even for obese children, the actual development of the condition begins after 10 years of age. According to the Disease Control and Prevent Centers (CDCs), Zinman et al.(2015) state that about 95% of the diagnoses made for type2 diabetes are in adults as opposed to children.


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