Development of a multimedia resource kit

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For Staff 112: if you can forward that to him to request a quote for the whole work and explain that i will need to work with him on this report complete all the personal information such as the reflection , rational and the children’s responses. What i can do is type up the storytelling event and attach photos , i can also attach my multimedia powerpoint . it wont be ready until this weekend to attach .


The exposure of young children to reading and literature is an important milestone in the development of their own literacy skills. Literature is significant in laying the ground for literacy development and engagement in the learning process. Children beginning formal education with a background completely devoid to and enjoyment of literature are less likely to succeed in literacy and are more likely to disengage from the learning experience. Thus learning for young children must begin early and their exposure to literature should be an everyday affair.

The development of a resource media kit was employed in the study and preparation of this report in order to showcase the value of different multimedia applications in the development of literacy and language skills in young children. Storytelling, socio-dramatic plays among others are used in this report to create an emphasis and their value to literacy and language development App. 1, 2 and 3).


The study is undertaken in the kindergarten, located in an urban setting. The children all come from the areas surrounding the school. An area with a substantial population and most of the children hail from a modern family with two or three children. The children spent an estimated two hours storytelling and acting out the story. This is together with the PowerPoint presentation and asking of questions.


The story was chosen because it engages both the children and I in its preparation and the storytelling, not to mention the play acting too. Preparation for stories is not a hard task to undertake and I used materials easily available and cheap (App. 1). The use of the PowerPoint was because it further enhances the interest and motivation of the children. This is because the children could interact with the multimedia as is currently used in many homes. The stories are used to indicate how reading, speaking, viewing and listening to storytelling can both be used in developing language and literacy skills. Children’s engagement with literature based material coupled with reading, speaking, viewing and listening form the backbone of the emergent theory in literacy development.


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