Describing the solution- How can we be good at managing sepsis.

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Write a systematic review on the best way to manage sepsis.

Research question formulation

Sepsis refers to a life-threatening disease characterized by deregulated host response to some infection. The disease is characterized by an inflammatory response by the immune systems and causes increased mortality rates (Tromp et al, 2010). Depending on the etiology, clinical presentations of sepsis are highly variable among patients. According to Burney et al (2012) early directed care and therapies have been instrumental in the management of sepsis. However, it is important to explore the role of we as nurses in the management of sepsis. By applying the PICO (Population, Intervention, Control, and Outcomes) model, the focus on the research question “how can we be good at managing sepsis” has been determined (Cooke et al., 2012). As such, this systematic review seeks to answer the research question: How can we, Nurses, be good at managing sepsis?. To answer this research question will be essential in understanding evidence-based practice approaches that can be adopted by nurses in the management and care of sepsis patients.

How relevant literature was sourced

In this systematic review, relevant literature was collected in a manner that ensured only quality evidence-based studies were used for informing the paper. Information to inform this paper was mainly collected from studies that focused on randomized trials of nursing management methods of sepsis  including those where patients received fluid resuscitation.


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