Decision Making

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Outline of Decision Making Case Study.

A medical team in any hospital faces day to day challenges when making decisions for the patients. This essay is especially focusing on nurses and the decisions they have to make and live with. Their objective is to highlight the significance of critical thinking before making any clinical decision because the life of a patient might be at stake. In addition, its main aim is to have the ability to identify problems or issues and carefully care out a plan of caring for patients. . The health centre is located in a small town. It runs for 24 hours daily with several nurses taking turns in their respective shifts. The health centre targets old people because the majority of the people in this location is averagely 55 years and above Consultation for advice takes up to around ten minutes, and if it is a serious case the client will be referred to his or her doctor. The nurses conduct ECGs, BPs, and T among others. Brief history of the party concerned is also collected.

The client is an 80 year old woman experiencing a fall due to cognitive impairment, she suffers from Dementia. The old woman is currently waiting to be placed in a nursing home because this falls usually adverse, and she needs to be under constant care. The patient needs a lot of motivation to engage in activities of daily living (ADLS) (Levett-Jones et al., 2010).  These activities will enable to live her life more comfortably without depending entirely on other people. Activities of daily living activities include; dressing, bathing, toileting, eating, dressing and transferring (walking) (Levett, 2011). However, at her age these activities might be too difficult hence requires a personal nurse, this is why she currently awaits to be placed in a nursing home.


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