Critique on a media article on homicides

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Task: Produce a short report that summarises and critiques a newspaper article

In this assessment you will summarise and critique a fictitious media article about crime rates in Scotland using actual data from a Scottish Government Report.

Word limit: 1500 words

It asks you to ‘summarise’ and ‘critique’ a newspaper article. This will involve you summarising the main points from the article and critiquing the data and claims made in relation to the actual data reported in the report from the Scottish Government. You should also draw on module material in thinking about why the media write about crime in this way. In your report you may want to use headings and subheadings, and include the following aspects:

  1. Summarise the media article
  2. Critique the media article using the government report
  3. Discuss the government report (e.g. does it represent all crimes in Scotland).


*You might want to start by summarising the article under one heading, then critiquing the article under another heading. Ensure that when you are critiquing the newspaper article you use data from the Scottish Government report to either refute or support the claims being made. Think about each claim that the article makes, is it based on the real data, or has it misinterpreted the data? If the claim has misinterpreted the data, describe the true pattern the data shows.

You should also refer to what you have read in chapter 3, ‘prison population’ and ‘Media representations of crime and therapy’ All these sources are attached..

You have been asked to write a short report for this assessment; however, you will not need to include a summary/abstract for this report.

You might want to have a very brief introduction in which you outline what your report will include, then a section that summarises the content of the newspaper article, another section that critiques the article using evidence from the government report and the module materials.

You might want to include a final brief section that considers the government report itself, and finish with a short conclusion section.

Summary of the media article

The persistent decrease in Scottish rates of murder to 10.65 in one million during the 2015-2016 year presents a 60 percent decrease in the murder rate ever since the rise to 26.3 in every million persons in 2005. The highest decrease in murder encompasses encounters among young persons in unrestricted places. The government utilizes a public fitness method to aim at young persons with enlightening programs and firm fines aimed at realizing decrease in dagger carrying away from the homestead. This article showed that from 2005-2016 period, the police in Scotland documented a 69 percent reduction in cases of violent weapon carrying (Gordon, 2009, p 11).

During the year 2015, the police in Scotland recorded a decrease of 5 percent in crime although sexual crimes increased by 11 percent being the highest level ever since 1971. Over half of the entire fall was down to a high decrease in the number of robberies and destruction recounted to police. The major decrease was noted in Moray which recorded a fall of 18 percent.

Throughout Highland and Aberdeenshire, the general drop was 17 percent. In Shetland, the crimes number reported remained similar to the number that was reported in the previous year. Police attributed this increase in the recorded number of sexual delinquencies to improved self-confidence of targets to report crimes.


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