Consumers Experiences of Stigma

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Discuss at least two sources of stigma and the effects of that stigma for people who experience mental health problems. You must refer to a broad range of relevant literature sources in your discussion and this could include research literature, Australian mental health policies and reports, mental health texts, but it must include references to mental health consumer’s accounts/ experiences of the stigma.

People who are mentally ill have experienced a lot and different types of stigma from the general republic over the past years. This research paper examines the beliefs and attitude that the general republic has towards the mentally ill people, and they lived feelings and experiences of their relatives and service users. The mentally ill consumers when they are stigmatized, they are robbed of their social opportunities and lacks self esteem. People that are suffering from mental illness face unfair discrimination and are often victimized because of their illness (Fink and Tasman, 1992). According to Otto Wahl (1999), stigma plays a major role among the consumers as it increases their suffering, economic loss associated with the disease and disability. When mentally ill people experience discrimination among their family members and the public, the confidence they have is lowered and feels that they are a burden to them. Therefore, in this paper, the experiences that consumers get when stigmatized will be examined in details.

The question of the effects of stigma to the mentally ill persons will be answered in this essay. Many believing stigma to be because of fear and suspicion of the unknown tend to be more affected.  The stigma associated with the mentally ill people has been known to have a more profound effect than the mental health illness itself. Often, it is because when they are mistreated by their friends, the community and family members worsens their illness as they may feel stigmatized to access mental health care ((NMHCCF, 2003).


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