Clinical Handover

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This assessment will focus on clinical handover. Please make sure you have VLC media to download the videos onto your computer. Please watch the two (2) videos in VU Collaborate using the following links:


Task – After watching the two (2) videos, compare and contrast how each of the handover processes either comply or do not comply with the ISBAR technique.

Compare and contrast means identifying the similarities and differences between the 2 videos.

Please note that you are required to read more widely and utilise other academic literature/evidence to support your discussion within your essay. You may include evidence from both international and Australian literature. In your discussion, you may discuss the following aspects of handover: communication skills between the nurses and with the patient, privacy, confidentiality, and clarity of information presented.


Assignment Guidelines:


This is an essay and it is therefore expected that it will be presented in an academic essay format which includes an introduction, body and a conclusion. It should be written in the third person. Your essay needs to be referenced using APA 6th edition with in-text citations and a reference list at the end of your assignment. Please refer to the following link for referencing requirements: Evidence is required from a range of relevant and quality sources. The assessor will examine the assignment by assessing whether the student has addressed the question directly, engaged in critical analysis of the issues that have been well supported by the relevant literature, and whether the student has organised and presented the essay in a suitable format.


All final assignments must be submitted into the Assessment Drop Box in VU Collaborate by the due date and time where it will be analysed via Turnitin for degree of similarity. Once your assignment has been analysed please open up your similarity report, check carefully and make any necessary changes then resubmit back into the assignment Drop Box.  If you anticipate that you may have a high similarity report please submit your assignment at least the day before the due date as it can take up to 24 hours to obtain a revised similarity report.


Emailed assignments will not be accepted. In addition, you must keep an electronic copy of your submitted assignment so that you can reproduce it if requested to do so.


Your assignment must be well written and presented: double space, 1.5inch margin size, Arial or Times New Roman; font size-12 with page numbers.


The title page must include the following information: Unit code, student name/ID, title of the assignment, word count & date of submission.


Please note that assignments which exceed or are below the word count will be penalised at the rate of 5 marks for every 10% above or below the limit. Please note that the title page and reference list are not included in the word count.


Please note that submission of your assignment into the Assessment Drop Box means that you are declaring that the work is your own, has not been: copied from someone else including collusion; written by anyone else; and that you have duly acknowledged the source of your information and ideas using correct referencing conventions.


Clinical handover is a very crucial medical process which entails a shift of responsibility to care for the patients from one care provider to another either permanently of just for a while (Redley & Botti, 2016). The process can be external or internal. External handover involves the transfer of a patient from one medical facility to another. Internal has to do with the change of nurses attending to patients. Handover is normally done whenever a healthcare worker takes a leave or is unexpectedly absent from duty. In other instances, someone taking up the responsibility might be covering for a colleague on part time. It is also evident when a new professional such as a nurse or a psychologist is taking up some duty. The work of handing over a responsibility requires that information flow smoothly between the healthcare workers involved. This process generally is essential in ensuring quality service in a particular medical field. It has its own defined approach that professionals are encouraged to adhere to or else the process of patient treatment may not achieve the intended goals. Over time, there have been strategies globally and especially in Australia that aims at promoting a proper and adequate Handover practice. (ISBAR) is being the best of the known template, standing for (Identification-Situation- Background- Assessment- Recommendation) (Shah& Pillay, 2016). ISBAR is a communication-based model that gives a framework to organize and convey information in a clinical setup. This paper, therefore, focuses on two episodes depicting poor and an efficient Handover process.

In comparing the two video episodes, there is need first to highlight the standard terms and what an effective handover process is all about. An effective process of this requires very clear terms of communication (Manias, E., Geddes, F. & Della, 2016) as it is evident in the first video.


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