Artificial Photosynthesis

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Biology is an interdisciplinary science – it connects to many other topics and subjects. It is also conducted in a societal context – there is an important relationship between biology and society. The objective of this project is for you to explore those aspects of biology. For this project, make a connection between any topic learned  and another discipline or aspect of society. This project will be graded on several areas:

  • Summary of the biology: you need to accurately and completely summarize the biology behind your project.
  • Connection: you will need to explicitly describe how your project illustrates the connection between biology and another discipline or society.
  • Reference: you will need to identify a credible reference that can be used as a background source for your project. This source can be used as background for the biology or for the other discipline.
    • Biology and language arts:
      • write a research paper on artificial photosynthesis.


The process of photosynthesis being principal on large scale, has been tested for quite a long time. It is the most significant process that converts solar energy to chemical energy on the globe. Organisms that carry out photosynthesis avail the largest percentage of fuel to the environment. They also generate about 85% of the fossil fuels energy that is presently used by human for technological advancement. Currently, scientists are probing for techniques to limit communities’ inputs towards climate change. They are also trying to moderate the dependence on fossil fuel as well as its supply and associated geopolitical problems. Consequently, it is acceptable to seize the opportunity provided by photosynthesis to solve the underlying problems. Scientists are probing for techniques to improve the effectiveness and ecological impacts of utilizing naturally occurring organisms to provide fuels. Nevertheless, artificial photosynthesis can offer a better option. Use of the elementary science supporting photosynthesis in the scheme of systems for production of solar energies has been debated for a long time.


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