Impact on JENDA on social relations

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Write 1500 sociology essay and the topic is Arranged Marriage. Use this reference as one of the requirement. Impact of Gender on Social Relations 2.The dynamic of Social Inequality and Equality and Power 3.Ideas of Socially Constructed and Culture,Custom and Values are the Result of Power Relations.

Impact on JENDA on social relations

For quite a long time African women have been taken to be second to men. In the African culture, only African men have been allowed to take the best  jobs and positions in the society and as it was already known the woman’s position was at home cooking and make the home good for the man when he arrived from the job (Dines, 2011). Not long ago in the African family setting, the man was the only one who worked to get the family food while the woman would just sit at home waiting for the husband to come home from work. This situation continued until when some women found the chance to prove that wives can be more than home makers and can also bring in the daily bread just like the husbands do. At first, this was not accepted by all. During this period, groups talking to people about women empowerment came up and the society began to embrace and look at a woman as being equal to a man (Strauch, 1995).

One of the groups that came up was JENDA, a group of women that encourages women empowerment. JENDA promoted woman empowerment through ensuring African women go to schooled through giving scholarships to African women. JENDA have an online magazine and have ensured that women get the best. However, JENDA do not want to do away with the man. What they are doing is making sure that the African woman has equal rights and is placed at the same position as the African man (Milestone, 2012). Through various educated women, the group has been able to reach through writing, the woman at home.


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