Apple Inc. Marketing

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Topic: Apple’s Marketing Strategies between China and America


Please do a research to figure out that how does Apple make strategies in these two different markets. How a company is using marketing research to understand their target audience, a critique/overview of a tool-set and its applications to marketing research?

Apple Inc. is an American international enterprise that designs, advances and trades personal computers, computer software and consumer electronics. It is categorized as Television, Radio and Wireless Communications Equipment industrialization. Apple has experienced a two-fold growth as a result of transforming the technology sector through refining current technology and generating demand for fresh products through persistent transformative invention.

Apple has become progressively international. Its initial market was the US user with its products chiefly geared towards home and educational use. Its cumulative scope and scale has transitioned from being US centred in engineering, assembly, and trades to being international. Global manufacturing and employment have lowered production costs, brought a greater emphasis on technological invention, and has enabled penetration of emerging economies. Apple has taken roots in China with majority of its manufacturing and sourcing taking place there (Alberto, 2014).


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