Analysis of the current Emirates Airlines

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The Report Guidance Format


  1. Introduction
  2. Emirate Airline Background and International Relationships

It is always a good idea to provide a background to your airline context.

  • Also, make sure the background provides relevant data that helps to inform your report; for instance: ‘Emirate Airline is UAE’s second largest airline after flag carrier Etihad, although low cost carrier Flydubai is larger than both for intra-Gulf flights…’
  • One more thing here; you do want to bring your strategic framework/model in as soon as practical in the report, so a standalone final sentence here linking to the rest of the report would be good; for example: ‘The report now details the key international cooperation strategies that Emirates Airline currently pursues, and does so by employing a Strengths, Weaknesses, Opportunities and Threat (SWOT) analysis as the guiding framework of analysis. Appendix 1 provides further details on SWOT’.
  1. Emirate Airlines Competitive Landscape
  2. Emirates Airline International Strategies: Global Alliance: Rationale

The idea here is to outline the history and rationale for why Emirate airline did not join a global alliance. Since Emirate Airline has not, then a sense of why, including if it still might happen in future. To do so you might want to consider:

  • If this get too long and detailed, considered what material might be better placed as an appendix at the end (and only referred to here)
  • Did your airline switch and change global alliances, before settling on its current alliance?
  • What key global geographic coverage is achieved via the current alliance membership?
  • How is the overall global alliance going at the moment?
  • Be careful not to interrupt the readability and flow here by including massive tables and large photographs – some are fine, but in moderation please (otherwise, the an appendix is the place to put these)
  1. Other key cooperation strategies
    • Equity: Emirate takes a stakes

This might be a good location to use two sub-headings; depending on the sub-topics you would like to cover. Things you might like to consider:

  • Does your airline have any major airline partners (even if within its global alliance membership context)?
  • Have any major airline partnerships come and gone?
  • Is Emirate airline considering any future international partnerships?
  • Why hasn’t your airline got any major airline partners?
  • Please be careful not to simply write “no” here – elaboration and details are required.
  • Alliance or Reliance

The idea is to show that you have considered the likely key implications of any major partnerships that your airline either has, or would like to have. In the case of Emirate Airline here, one might question whether Emirate’s equity stake in the airline actually looks more like creating reliance, rather than an alliance.

  • Bilateral Partnership
  • Major Code sharing agreement
  • Emirates current and future context and likely realities

Here you need to consider, in about two paragraphs, a range of possible contemporary and likely future issues and factors, including:

  • What’s happening at the moment with Emirate airline that might impact their current and future cooperation strategies
  • What are key competitors doing?
  • What are the other major alliances and international partnerships doing?
  • You might decide to have one or two sub-headings here as well
  1. Conclusion

Example: ‘Emirate Airline finds itself in a precarious situation whereby its oneworld global alliance membership, together with a substantial equity link with Qantas Airways, are unlikely to be enough to spare it from looming bankruptcy…’

  • No referencing required here
  • No new information or data to be raised here
  • Summarise key arguments and ideas raised throughout
  • Please void a list type format or style whereby a conclusion (and an introduction) simply becomes ‘this report looked at X, Y and Z’.
  1. Recommendations
  • Please use one of the following words in each recommendation (you can use each in more than one recommendation): Should, must, ought to or needs to
  • Try to chronologically order recommendations from most important to less important; from strategic to tactical; more immediate to longer term.
  • Two to three sentences would be best for most recommendations here (30 to 50 words each)

One of the significant standards judged when evaluating the success of organizations is the degree to which these organizations have realized the aims they were set up for. Additionally, the progress and development of countries and populaces pivot currently on the extent to which organizations undertake their duties and execute their assigned obligations centered on quantifiable, clear-cut, objectively approached and genuine outcomes. The economic prosperity and technological advances of developed nations are without any doubt the products of these nations’ zeal to adopt planned management codes appropriate to meet their objectives in directing and managing their funds in an effective, efficient, and systematic way.

Emirates Airline is unwavering in playing distinctive and active roles in the cultural and economic growth and development of the airlines in United Arab Emirates by embracing modern conceptions in managing and advanced technology in dealing with its commerce. Emirates Airline as well endeavors to accomplish the objective set by its management for fully positioning the UAE amongst advanced nations, both globally and regionally, in terms of managing airlines through the embracing of high technology, state of the skill machineries and the amalgamation of service supply systems in both private and public sectors with infrastructure enterprises. This airline vision is to offer employment opportunities for the local people, to secure greater proficiency in a commerce customarily associated with the developed countries and to enhance their worldwide image.


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