Analyse the relationship between Ken Hideyoshi and his father

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Analyse the relationship between Ken Hideyoshi and his father. Consider sociological concepts

The story covered in the book by Chris McKinney’s ‘’the tattoo,’ is a story about a prisoner who has been jailed telling another prisoner who cannot speak his life story. The story in this text revolves around Ken Hideyoshi a Hawaiian gangster with a heart of gold, and whose crime remain unnamed in the untold, in the text, the story is wrapped around a story of the coming of age of Hideyoshi, who rises from being in the wrong side of the tracks to being a soldier in Honolulu’s crime syndicate and a prodigal son back again (McKinney, 2007). The setting of the book is set in the Hallawa correctional centre, one of the prisons in Hawaii, the setting in this story splits the story into two phases and follows the narrator in the places where he saw and experienced. This happens when Cal, the mute white prisoner, who was sentenced for the murder of his wife, meets Ken Hideyoshi a Japanese guy. The both of them go back into time and experience their lives they share stories about their lives, the good and the bad. This paper will examine the relationship between Hideyoshi and his father in relation to the socialization and hegemonic masculinity. The hegemonic masculinity is the gender practice in the society that guarantees the men’s social dominance in the society (McKinney, 2007). This concept explains why and how men maintain social dominance over women in the society, and the other qualities in the society that is perceived to be famine in the society. The concept of hegemonic masculinity represents the dynamic of cultural practices by which, genders or groupings in the society claims and maintains a culturally prominent and prevailing position over the other groups in society. Socialization is the lifelong culture of the people in the society to learn the roles that they should play in society. This paper will examine the socialisation and hegemonic masculinity that portrayed itself in the relationship between Ken Hideyoshi and his father.


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