Alzheimer’s disease

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Aetiology and Pathogenesis

Clinical Manifestations

Diagnostic Methods or Tests

Treatment Options



Alzheimer’s disease (AD) is a condition that affects the brain (Waite, 2015). It is wrong to associate this disease with the normal process of aging due to some similarities exhibited in the symptoms (Ames, O’Brien, & Burns, 2017). The unique characteristic of this disease is that its proper diagnosis can only be done after the death of the patient where brain autopsy is done (Waite, 2015). Nevertheless, this unfortunate thing does not imply that doctors and other physicians do not strive to diagnose, control and treat the disease (Waite, 2015).

In this clinical update therefore, the comprehensive discussion of Alzheimer’s disease will be done. Areas that will be majorly addressed include diagnostic methods and tests, AD current theories of Pathophysiology, clinical course as well as prognosis. The available treatment options for this disease will be addressed in addition to the safety interventions for the home or for the potential hospital admissions.

In this clinical update as well, it will be important to give the major differences between dementia and delirium. Despite the difficulties experienced in differentiating dementia and delirium, there are a number of key differences (Strawbridge, 2016). It is however, imperative to note that one common thing about the two is that orientation of cognition is disordered (Ames, O’Brien, & Burns, 2017). Dementia is an acute state of confusion which affects the memory affecting more than 10% of Australians aged above 65 years and it is not reversible (Australian Bureau of Statistics, 2017). On the other hand, delirium is a problem of cognitive impairment which affects the attention of the patient and it is reversible (Albert, et al., 2011).


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