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At we are concerned about the privacy of our clients as well as visitors. Going in line with this, there are a number of principles that guide us in regards to this matter as outlined below.

  • We do not store personal information for any longer than we must or the minimum time limit stipulated by the law.
  • We are considerate of not only the personal data that we ask you to avail to us but also the one that we collect using different techniques.
  • Our main goal is to make the users of our website and services to understand how we collect private data, use then and/or share them with third parties where applicable.
  • We aim at educating clients on how they can control the information that is indexed by search engines, shared publicly or deleted permanently.

With this privacy policy, our main goal is to respect and protect your personal data in particular and privacy in general. In other words, this policy explains how may store, process or use the personal data of its users.

What kind of Services do we collect from Users of our Services?

It is important to note that once you visit our website there is information that we automatically collect about you. These data among others include: IP addresses, technical information, the kind of device you use to access our services and the manner in which you interact with our website.

Is it Important to Collect your Personal Information?

Yes, it is important to collect the personal information of our clients as it helps us in a number of ways as outlined below:

  • The personal data collected such as clients’ contact details helps us in keeping in touch with the given clients
  • Personal information enables us to verify that a given user is indeed who he/she claims to be.
  • These type of data help us to thwart fraudulent use and resale of clients’ accounts
  • Personal data also helps us to adjust our VAT and tax accordingly so as to reflect those in different countries and regions depending on where a given client is accessing our services from.
  • At times the law requires us to collect certain personal data of our clients
  • To enable us to provide you with our services as conveniently as possible
  • Personal information also helps us to create invoices and bill our clients accordingly.

Do we have the Legal Mandate to collect and Process your Personal Information?

Yes, we have a legal basis to collect your personal data. By ordering for our services, you get into a contract with us and this in turn allows us to collect and process your personal data. We may also collect your personal data in compliance with the law.

Technologies that we Use to collect our Clients’ Personal Information

We use a number of technologies to collect our client’s private information including but not limited to: scripts, tags, beacons and cookies. Such technologies help us to not only know the general trend of users of our services but also how they navigate around our website. We or our affiliates and partners may receive such information in an aggregate report or in a report showing the given trend of an individual user.

Turning Off the Cookies

While accessing our services, you are at liberty to either turn on or turn off the cookies. It is however worth to note that you may be unable to enjoy some of our services, should you opt to turn off cookies. Turning off the cookies will limit your access to some of our services.

External Links may contain links that may redirect to other sites. This website shall not be held responsible for the privacy issues that might arise from using websites redirected from it. Users are encouraged to carefully read the privacy policy of such websites before using their services as our privacy policy only applies to information collected, stored or processed by

Sharing of Personal Information

We respect our clients’ privacy. Going in line with this, we are committed to not selling, sharing, or renting our clients’ personal data to any third part for promotional or marketing purposes. However, we can share your personal data in the manner described in this policy. We may also share your personal data with other companies in order to make it possible for us to deliver our services to you.

When can we Share our Clients Personal Data?

  • When we are lawfully requested by public authorities to do so
  • When the law demands that we disclose such personal information
  • When mergers with another company or sells a portion or entire of its assets
  • When a given third party has your consent to access your personal data that we have
  • When disclosing such personal information is in your best interest or in order to protect our rights and that of others.

How do we Protect Clients’ Personal Information?

At we take necessary precautionary measures to protect information of our clients. We particularly prioritize on sensitive information such as financial information of our clients. Specifically, we use encrypted codes to transmit such information utilizing SSL technology.

It is however worth to note that the fact that there is no method that is used to transmit and store data electronically that is 100% secure. It is in the light of this fact that we cannot guarantee absolute security of personal data of the users of our services even after following the conventional standards of securing transmission and storing of electronic data.

How Often Does this Privacy Policy Change?

It is the prerogative of the user to keep reviewing this policy from time to time to see if new changes have been made. We may however alert our users about such changes by the use of email, phone or even placing a notice on any page of our website. reserves the right to review this policy from time to time whenever deemed necessary.

For more Information or clarification on our Privacy policy you can reach us through:
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Bronx, NY 16544
Phone : + 1 800 755 60 20
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